Located at the Front Entrance of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Q: How long is the course?
A: Approximately 5 kilometers.

Q: What is the course like?
A: It is a mixture of wooded trails and gravel paths, with a few gentle hills here and there.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Anything you want to run in. Costumes are encouraged, and we’ll have best group and individual costume prizes at 10:30!

Q: Human or Zombie?
A: Up to you! Humans will get a head start on the zombies, but will have to watch out for Zombie Attack Zones!

Q: “Zombie Attack Zones”?
A: Some zombies will be hiding along the course, ready to attack the oncoming humans!

Q: What does “attack” mean?
A: Each runner will get “zombie ammo”, which will consist of powder bombs to throw at oncoming humans/zombies.

Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: Yes! We love little zombies and little human brains taste the best… If your kids want to tempt fate, we won’t stop them.

Q: What about dogs?
A: Sorry, dogs would be far too tempting for the zombies to snack on.

Q: Is this race timed?
A: No, the Running Dead 5K is not a timed event. You can run, walk, hobble and groan your way to the finish line all on your own time. However, the event will end at 2pm.

Q: I want to cheer on my zombie friend, but I don’t want to run. Is that cool?
A: Spectators can hang at Ground Zero to see the start and finish line. They can drink some beer and rock out, but the course is for runners only.

Q: So there’s going to be beer?
A: Every runner gets a beer (or soda/water) at the finish line. We’ll also have a raffle and music to rock your brains out!

Q: What time should we get there?
A: Race starts at 11, but check-in starts at 9:30, so feel free to get there early and get pumped up!

Q: Can I leave my stuff at the start?
A: Yes, we’ll have a bag drop at Ground Zero, and each runner can leave one bag. Lines can be long though, so we encourage you to buddy-up. Come on, zombies, play nice…